Commit add93934 authored by Stefan Huehner's avatar Stefan Huehner
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Fixes ISSUE-29855. Remove broken ant validate.modules task

That does did not work properly since at least 2015.
The same validation is also run:
-  via the junit task SystemValidatorTest.testModulesValidation
  (in there for all modules marked as InDevelopment)
- Also package.module by default runs the same validation yet again
parent 2415c89e
......@@ -459,10 +459,6 @@ export.database: exports database structure and data to xml files.
<ant dir="${base.src}" target="compile.development" inheritAll="true" inheritRefs="true" />
<target name="validate.modules">
<ant dir="${base.src}" target="validate.modules" inheritAll="true" inheritRefs="true" />
<target name="compile.war" if="mode.war">
<antcall target="generate.entities" />
<antcall target="compile" />
......@@ -604,10 +600,6 @@ export.database: exports database structure and data to xml files.
<target name="install.source" depends="init, cleanSubfolders, create.database, wad.lib, trl.lib, compile.complete.deploy, apply.module,">
<updatesystemstatus v="RB51"/>
<ant dir="${base.db}" target="setApplied" inheritAll="true" inheritRefs="true" />
<antcall target="validate.modules" />
<target name="create.database" depends="init, core.lib, database.lib">
......@@ -89,13 +89,6 @@ build.war: build a war file in the lib directory.
<target name="validate.modules">
<taskdef name="validateModules" classname="org.openbravo.service.system.SystemValidationTask">
<classpath refid="project.class.path" />
<validateModules userId="0" adminMode="true" propertiesFile="${base.config}/" type="module" moduleJavaPackage="${module}"/>
<target name="trl.clean" if="translation">
<java classname="org.openbravo.translate.Translate" jvm="${env.JAVA_HOME}/bin/java" fork="yes" maxmemory="${build.maxmemory}">
<arg line="'${base.config}/' clean" />
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