Commit 8b59a217 authored by Stefan Huehner's avatar Stefan Huehner
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ISSUE-28703: Cleanup unused arguments

Previous commit kept 2 dummy values to avoid re-indexing arguments. But
as we indirectly require lock-step update of build.xml + dbsm jar
already (because of removing i.e. setFilter) remove the 2 arguments on
both side.
parent d59b07b9
......@@ -83,9 +83,7 @@ export.database.structure: Exports the database structure in the xml's files.
<arg value="${bbdd.owner.url}"/>
<arg value="${bbdd.user}"/>
<arg value="${bbdd.password}"/>
<arg value="dummy-unused"/>
<arg value="model"/>
<arg value="dummy-unused"/>
<arg value="sourcedata"/>
<arg value="${bbdd.object}"/>
<arg value="false"/>
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