1. 22 Oct, 2021 1 commit
  2. 07 Oct, 2021 11 commits
  3. 10 Jun, 2021 7 commits
    • Stefan Huehner's avatar
      ISSUE-28703: Cleanup unused arguments · 191beb5c
      Stefan Huehner authored
      Commit matching 906954a341 change in backoffice repo.
      Remove two obsolete arguments filter,excludeobjects completely.
      As cmdline args are accessed by position shift all remaining args
    • Stefan Huehner's avatar
      ISSUE-28703: Remove now obsolete classes after dbmanager.jar removal · a45b4ef3
      Stefan Huehner authored
      Commit adc5f181ec in backoffice removed dbmanager.jar
      Those removed sources where that last remaining user of *DatabaseFilter
      in dbsourcemanager which are now removed here
    • Stefan Huehner's avatar
      ISSUE-28703: Remove obsolete setters related to dbmanager.jar · 090c58eb
      Stefan Huehner authored
      build*.xml file from backoffice repo did still pass/set a few attributes
      related to obsolete dbmanager.jar when calling dbsm ant tasks.
      Internally those were long unusued.
      Remove the obsolete setters/getter.
      Note: This change in dbsm only works together with commit 914cb5f04a in
      backoffice repo which stops setting the remove filter & excludeobjects
    • Stefan Huehner's avatar
      ISSUE-47047: Move code-comment to be javadoc style · 66913022
      Stefan Huehner authored
      Move important note on spelling of tablename to a javadoc comment to
      make it a bit more visible.
    • Stefan Huehner's avatar
      ISSUE-47047 Speedup PG Reading tables - part3 · 3cb27155
      Stefan Huehner authored
      Change calling contract for ModelLoaderBase.readTable(tablename)
      Now it must be called with tablename in the correct case.
      Only caller left (after cleanup from 47036) in readTables()
      Modify the (pg specific) query within to return the proper case
      That allows to remove the extra query done in PG.readTable to find the
      proper case (_stmt_oids_tables). Note that the 2nd field queried in
      there before (table oid) was made obsolete by the previous commit also.
      Runtime of Reading tables ... for part1..3 (on example i3-4130)
      Before: 8.7 .. 9.7 seconds
      After:  5.8 seconds
    • Stefan Huehner's avatar
      ISSUE-47047: Speedup Reading tables - part2 · 1aca895f
      Stefan Huehner authored
      After previous change the columnIndexes array in pg readTable is no
      longer needed.
      Remove it together with it's SQL _stmt_column_indexes removing one query
      per readTable call.
    • Stefan Huehner's avatar
      ISSUE-47047: Speedup 'Reading tables...' on postgresql · 31fc2d69
      Stefan Huehner authored
      Speed up reading the comment of columns (which can contain i.e. our
      NVARCHAR) marker.
      Do that by:
      - Adding the col_description pl-function call directly into the SQL to
        read all other column definition (_stmt_listcolumns)
      - That allows to move the commentCol processing into the readColumn part
        For that overload the readColumn with a small postgres specific
      - That allows to remove the loop in the readTable which before ran +1
        SQL per column to retrieve the commentCol one by one
  4. 09 Jun, 2021 3 commits
    • Stefan Huehner's avatar
      ISSUE-45729: Workaround reading some views on oracle (extra 0x0 bytes) · fd928183
      Stefan Huehner authored
      Some specific views when having their definition read from the database
      fail as they have 1-3 0x0 bytes just after their view body.
      That works around strange Oracle behavior (probably caused by
      USER_VIEWS.TEXT column we read here having 'LONG' data type and that
      datatype has some quirks and is marked 'do not use me' (but used in that
      internal ORACLE view).
      Apply trim() to the String value read which will strip out any
      whitespace (including 0x0) before post-processing it.
      We already strip out \n (newlines) from view bodies and even .trim() the
      result of the PG translation.
    • Stefan Huehner's avatar
      Fixes ISSUE-47036: Remove obsolete support code to ease maintenance · 21e22f65
      Stefan Huehner authored
      This removes obsolete support code needed in the past for:
      - ant update.database.mod (long dead and removed)
      - ezattributes (Easy Extensible Attributes) module
        Unuspported and already non-working since a while
      Mostly it removes the duplication of all the ModelLoader code making it
      much more readable.
    • Stefan Huehner's avatar
      [modremoval] Remove more obsolete code related to ezattributes module · e39072fe
      Stefan Huehner authored
      Some more methods were already marked as only being needed to keep that
      now unsupported module working.
  5. 08 Jun, 2021 7 commits
  6. 04 Jun, 2021 3 commits
    • Asier Lostalé's avatar
      fixes BUG-46974: cannot export data of tables from core2 · a29a08bf
      Asier Lostalé authored
      Source data in core2 AD tables was not exported. ISSUE-46245 skips
      export of these tables in case the module that defines them is not
      When exporting source data it was not working because it incorrectly
      dected core2 to be always not installed. It relied on
      DBSMOBUtil.allModules to be correctly completelly initialized which is
      not the case after calling getSortedTemplates.
      Now the optional modules not installed are initialized in getModules and
      kept after getSortedTemplates. belongsToOptionalUninstalledModule method
      must be invoked after getModules, now if called before it will
      explicitily fail.
    • Asier Lostalé's avatar
      fixes BUG-46647: no default applied when inserting sample data · 83897056
      Asier Lostalé authored
      When inserting sample data neither default or on create default were
      applied. This made more difficult to import sample data in an instance
      with a different set of modules than the ones used to generate it.
      Now when trying to import sample data with null values in mandatory columns
      the following is applied:
       * If there is an on create default literal value it gets applied. Note on
         create default based on subqueries cannot be applied.
       * If there is no create default, default value gets applied.
    • Asier Lostalé's avatar
      [sample] fixes typos, renames function · 59fee252
      Asier Lostalé authored
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  8. 27 May, 2021 1 commit