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Tags give the ability to mark specific points in history as being important
  • 2024S protected
    e5f38054 · release name for 2024 ·
    Release: 2024S
    Selected changes from the previous release (2023W)
    New features
    * CFSDAT: Added the possibility to include a maximum search radius for the NearestNeighbourInterpolator (675c6e39)
    * Rayleigh damping in WaterWavePDE (ff3251ef,54f06bde)
    Bugfixes (selected)
    * Fix of power postprocessing output in ElecCurrentPDE (896461e7)
    * Fix a bug in the definition of the PML postprocessing results (245af0fd)
    * Grid input can be read to define convective velocity (24991a84)
    Developer notes
    * Improved Windows compiler support (b7848413,df8abad9,13a49eb6)
    * Support for Intel oneAPI 2024 (968133c9)
    * Windows pipeline (771e48ca) and other pipeline adjustments (3f288ab3,148e8f60)
    * Build on Alpin-Linux with MUSL libc works now (949e2e46)
    * We now use MKLConfig.cmake to find MKL (fce353aa)
  • 2023X protected Release: 2023X
    extraordinary release to celebrate automatic windows builds via our CI/CD pipeline.
  • 2023W protected Release: 2023W
    Selected changes from the last release (2023S)
    New features
    * tree stepping for harmonic simulations (5944efb1)
    * LinFlowMech Mortar coupling (c3c14b60)
    * FixedPointSimple Nonlinear solution (068efa25)
    * Interface for external SGP optimizer (f8c64aa7)
    * viscous dissipation power (LinFlowPDE) (e96da433)
    * storage of left eigenvectors to hdf5 file in eigenValue analysis (4561b0bb)
    * saving of eigenvalues to info.xml (6679e032)
    * custom search contour for FEAST (5280116f)
    * acceleration BC for WaterWavePDE (278de5a1)
    * WaterWavePDE postprocessing results: sirface traction, reaction force and torque (34f73da9, e63bff4d, 803376e3)
    * CDB reader can now handle "thermal solid elements" (element 278 and 279) (ee5af1c5)
    * Curvilinear PML and an automatic layer generation algorithm (9f79019e)
    Bugfixes (selected)
    * Fixed the L2norm postproc-result for harmonic computations (0895c14b)
    * Left eigenvectors for FEST solver (cc88723b)
    Developer notes
    * added JUnit information in pipeline (f5656866)
    * tags in testsuite and major pipleine restructuring (73a3f23d, 5115e418, 9c45d38f, fdcbd94d)
    * new cfsdeps structure
    * Eigen is now available via cfsdeps (864a5868)
    Breaking changes
    * remove legacy gmv reader/writer (dea55f4c)
    * Introduce material definition for smoothPDE (b4ac0859)
    Version to be used in courses of 2023 winter term
  • 2023S protected
    b220d4b1 · release 2023S ·
    Release: 2023S
    Selected changes from the last release
    * replaced start scripts by binary files (3bb4f365)
    * Fixed standard solver selection for non-symmetric system matrices (e6460cf2)
    * Material file is now optional - internal default material data base can be used (4f94eb3b)
    * MechAcou Coupling for complex fluid formulation including ABCs (ac4a02fa,9e8bd603)
    * FEAST eigenvalue solver for quadratic EVPs including stochastic estimate (b0f09d33,6be4f2e7,f78dcbfc,e6de379a)
    * removed complex material input in acoustics (444bf186)
    * LinFlowHeat coupling in symmetric formulation (36946c0f)
    * Modified the MaxwellSlipBCs (7e774ed7,96f42351)
    * Implemented temperature dependent BH curves (96c8811c)
    * Quasi-Contact (1f1970aa)
    * external solver (af8a2c64,791400bf,97bc4b98)
    * external eigensolver (c0223516)
    Support for new build environments
    * Clang 15 / gfortran on Linux
    * MVSC and Intel OneAPI on Windows
    Updated cfsdeps
    * Upgrade to newer hdf5-1.8.20 (04b27b6e)
    * switch cgns to 4.3.0 (5778b4df)
    * LIS update and fixed: bf583143
    * and some others ...
    Version to be used in courses of 2023 summer term
  • 2022W protected Release: 2022W
    Selected changes from last release:
    * energy based (EB) vectorhysteresis: 89febe83
    * New BCs in LinFlowPDE: 39034b45, 5cdfa6eb
    * L2Norm postproc result: 33623348
    * New scalar potential magnetic PDE: 3d7534de
    * New post-processing results in LinFlow PDE: 619c2be7
    * ALE formulation in LinFlow PDE: 9953b7a5, cf59b228, 39e3e36c
    * axi-symmetric formulation for the LinFlowPDE: 9fe8d883
    * eddy current as integrated result in nodal magnetic: 40fdd8ca
    * Thermal Radiation Boundary Condition: cdca55ab
    as well as
    * support for gcc12: 02f78e0a
    * various bugfixes all over the place
    Version to be used in courses of 2022 winter term
  • 2022S protected Release: 2022S
    Summer of 2022
    * for teaching in the summer semester
    * created later for release-testing
  • 2020X protected
    c7e977e0 · cosmetics in release ·
    Release of openCFS
    * first note
    * second line
    This is the first one created by the pipeline
  • 2021W protected Release: 2021W
  • 2021S protected
    64ac4257 · Added license handling ·
    Release: 2021S
    * removed CGAL from default build
    * added license handling
  • 2020W protected
    release for teaching in the winter semester 2020/21
  • 2020S protected
    release for teaching 2020S
  • UE2019W
    Version for students of winter term 2019
  • UE2019S
  • UE2018W
    Version installed to the Student VM of WS2018/19
  • v17-4
    2bc46fe9 · Create tag CFS++_v17.4 ·
  • v16-3
  • v15-stable