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    [202101-eks_on_firecracker] New blog post · 09859d21
    Alvaro Hernandez authored
    Source code for new blog post about automating creation of EKS clusters
    on VMs created by Firecracker. It's part II of the
    202012-firecracker_cloud_image_automation post.
    Basically, add ansible code to automate installation and configuration
    of EKS (based on Ubuntu's snap-based EKS-D) on the created VMs.
    Interestingly, ansible hosts.yaml inventory file is generated
    dynamically by 05-install_eks_via_ansible.sh, which adds the hosts based
    on the configuration (file `variables`) as well as dynamic tokens, that
    are random 32-byte character strings required by EKS per host.
    Minor improvements to the VM creation:
    * unhardcoding VM CPU and RAM
    * parallel VM creation
    * fixed-length instance identifiers
    Signed-off-by: Alvaro Hernandez's avatarAlvaro Hernandez <aht@ongres.com>
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