Update: Bump org.hibernate:hibernate-core from 5.4.33.Final to 6.2.4.Final

Bumps org.hibernate:hibernate-core from 5.4.33.Final to 6.2.4.Final.


Sourced from org.hibernate:hibernate-core's changelog.

Changes in 6.2.4.Final (June 01, 2023)


** Bug * [HHH-16725] - Persisting multiple entities with one-many association and composite key with ordered updates enabled fails * [HHH-16691] - Avoid join table joins for SqmPath in some more scenarios * [HHH-16690] - Re-saving deleted object leads to constraint violation when unloaded delete happened * [HHH-16686] - LocalTime to java.sql.Time unwrap bug. * [HHH-16669] - Batch loading prevents throwing ObjectNotFoundException on initialization of non-existent enhanced entity * [HHH-16668] - ConcurrentModificationException when using a criteria with window functions in hibernate 6 * [HHH-16664] - NPE in MappingMetamodelImpl if inheritance is used in IdClass * [HHH-16658] - Entity name uses not propagated upwards leading to missing joins * [HHH-16657] - Type filter in subquery wrongly propagates as filter to table group * [HHH-16656] - H2 1.4.200 lacks registration of ranking window functions * [HHH-16655] - Parser error for window frames due to wrong rule order * [HHH-16650] - Loss in precision due usage of Float data type instead of BigDecimal in case Oracle JDBC driver returning -127 for scale and 0 for precision if precision/scale is unknown. Might happen unexpectedly and requires very close inspection of used SQL * [HHH-16649] - Hibernate.remove() doesn't work at all

* [HHH-16639] - Cannot load entity with EnumType identifier and batch size > 1
* [HHH-16621] - Fix migration guide for one-to-one uniqueness
* [HHH-16617] - When caching queries, filter parameters are not included in the cache key
* [HHH-16613] - @Lazy @ManyToOne @Cacheable association is retrieved as initialized
* [HHH-16594] - Query cache miss when query contains multiple parameters
* [HHH-16570] - Batch fetch with FetchMode JOIN might lead to multiplication in OneToMany items
* [HHH-16565] - ClassCastException when batch fetch and 2nd level cache are enabled for polymorphic entities
* [HHH-16560] - Nested @Embedded within an @EmbeddedId assertion failure "java.lang.AssertionError: isPartOfKey should have been true in this case"
* [HHH-16559] - Batch fetch does not initialize bi-directional entity in HQL
* [HHH-16558] - Detaching an entity removes natural-id cross-reference from shared cache
* [HHH-16543] - Attribute from MappedSuperClass can't be resolved if number of subclasses is greater than 2
* [HHH-16540] - UnknownTableReferenceException for entity with Embeddable key-value in map
* [HHH-16532] - Hibernate entity with @Any attribute throws a nullpointer exception when merging
* [HHH-16465] - CTE query cycle attribute evaluated incorrectly on MSSQL
* [HHH-16433] - “Locking with ORDER BY is not supported” error in a “select for update” query (Oracle DB)
* [HHH-16385] - QueryKey not serializable when working with @TenantId
* [HHH-16379] - @DynamicUpdate and 'enableDirtyTracking=true' leads to wrong update statement
* [HHH-16370] - Using MapKey on ManyToMany leads to wrong insert SQL

** Improvement * [HHH-16717] - Type pollution fix for ExecutableList having to implement Comparable * [HHH-16716] - Expose ParameterMarkerStrategy on JDBCServices * [HHH-16705] - AttributeMappingsList should not implement Iterable * [HHH-16704] - Avoid iterating a LinkedHashMap during ActionQueue processing * [HHH-16687] - Remove unused internal interface ComparableEntityAction * [HHH-16685] - Avoid extreme cache misses on EntityPersister#implementsLifecycle() * [HHH-16683] - Micro optimisations for MappingMetamodelImpl.getEntityDescriptor * [HHH-16679] - Avoid type pollution problems on iterations of List * [HHH-16652] - Broken hyperlink in documentation: Hibernate Query Language / Expressions / String concatenation * [HHH-16626] - JPA hint for Session (EntityManager) level tenant-id

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