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    • Tomasz Maczukin's avatar
      Remove unnecessary log alias for logrus inport · d9e9d81c
      Tomasz Maczukin authored
      Some time ago [we had a discussion](!934 (comment 91891281))
      about why we're aliasing some of the imports of `github.com/sirupsen/logrus`
      package with a `log` alias.
      At that moment we've been doing that in 17 from 68 cases when logrus
      was imported in Runners codebase.
      The conclusion was this aliasing is unnecessary, because:
      - we relay on logrus interface so much that moving to another logging
        library will be not so simple as switching the import name;
      - we're totally not consistent in the alias usage which makes the code
        even more messy.
      Three GitLab Runner maintainers agreeded hat there is no reason to use
      the aliasing and that we should just use `logrus` everywhere.
      But no action was don since then. The cleanup was left for a future.
      Unfortunately, because GitLab Runner is one of our biggest projects in
      Go, for some people it becomes a source of suggestions of how certain
      things should be handled. For example here is a discussion in a new
      project that creates a go-based tool for our Serverless integration:
      gitlabktl!9 (comment 152472275)
      The most important statement is:
      > perhaps we could leave it as is since it is how we are exposing
        logrus in the runner project
      Because we already know that it should be changed and others start to
      look on Runner's code to find good patterns, let's finally cleanup
      the `log` aliasing mess.
    • Alessio Caiazza's avatar
      Merge branch '3895-get-os-dependent-pre-build-image-for-docker-executor' into 'master' · fea78b8a
      Alessio Caiazza authored
      Get windows tag for helper image
      Closes #3895
      See merge request !1239
    • Steve Azzopardi's avatar
      Restructure flow of getPrebuiltImage() · ceaa344b
      Steve Azzopardi authored
    • Steve Azzopardi's avatar
      Refactor test not to be runtime dependent · d0e2afb6
      Steve Azzopardi authored
      We are checking if the image tag is `x86_64-xxx` for any kind of runtime
      the test is running, which is not true because if the test is run on arm
      it would fail.
    • Steve Azzopardi's avatar
      Check for windows server version with boundaries · 7118bb81
      Steve Azzopardi authored
      One day we can end up with a windows server version of `Windows Server
      2019 Datacenter Evaluation Version 1809 (OS Build 18033.316)` which
      would end up picking the wrong image since it would match the wrong
      regexp was not used to the sake of performance and to make thins a bit
      simplier/more readable.
    • Alessio Caiazza's avatar
      Merge branch 'add-retryable-err-type' into 'master' · 8ea6bc47
      Alessio Caiazza authored
      Add retryable err type
      See merge request !1215
    • Alessio Caiazza's avatar
      Merge branch 'update-codeclimate' into 'master' · af2992f6
      Alessio Caiazza authored
      Update codeclimate version
      See merge request !1252
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