Commit 9e5ed841 authored by Ole Tange's avatar Ole Tange

tracefile: added --file.

parent 028d0520
......@@ -2,6 +2,8 @@ Tools developed by Ole Tange <>.
Probably not useful for you, but then again you never now.
blink - blink disks in a disk enclosure
bsearch - binary search through sorted text files.
em - Force emacs to run in terminal. Use xemacs if installed.
......@@ -10,32 +12,40 @@ field - Split on space. Give the given field number. Supports syntax 1-3,6-
forever - Run the same command or list of commands every second.
G - short hand for multi level grep.
G - shorthand for multi level grep.
gitnext - Checkout next revision. Opposite of 'checkout HEAD^'.
gitundo - Undo last commit.
histogram - make and display a histogram on the command line.
neno - No error no output. Only print STDERR and STDOUT if the command fails.
pdfman - Convert man page to pdf and display it using evince.
puniq - Print unique lines the first time they are seen.
pdfman - Convert man page to pdf and display it using evince.
ramusage - Display the ram usage of a program using `time -v`.
rand - Generate (pseudo-)random data
rand - Generate (pseudo-)random data.
rclean - Remove files with MD5 sums recorded by rrm (see below).
reniced - Renice all commands running more than 1 CPU minute unless they are niced or whitelisted.
rn - Move file(s)/dir(s) to ~/.rm/ (wastebasket).
rn - Move file(s)/dir(s) to .rm/ (wastebasket).
rrm - Record file's MD5 sum before removing it.
stdout - Redirect both STDERR and STDOUT to STDOUT.
T - tee stdout to and from temporary files.
timestamp - prepend timestamp to output.
tracefile - List files/dirs being accessed by program.
upsidedown - flip input upside down.
w4it-for-port-open - Block until the given port opens on a given host.
wastebasket - VLC extension for moving current file to a wastebasket
......@@ -6,9 +6,9 @@ tracefile - list files being accessed
B<tracefile> [-adenu] I<command>
B<tracefile> [-adefnu] I<command>
B<tracefile> [-adenu] -p I<pid>
B<tracefile> [-adefnu] -p I<pid>
......@@ -44,6 +44,13 @@ List only dirs.
List only existing files.
=item B<-f>
=item B<--file>
List only files.
=item B<-n>
=item B<--nonexist>
......@@ -81,7 +88,8 @@ know which one.
Here B<ls> tries to find B</usr/include/shisa.h>. If it fails,
B<apt-file> will search for which package it is in:
tracefile -n -u ls /usr/include/shisa.h | apt-file -f search -
tracefile -n -u ls /usr/include/shisa.h | apt-file -f search - |
grep /usr/include/shisa.h
......@@ -90,7 +98,7 @@ Report bugs to <>.
=head1 AUTHOR
Copyright (C) 2012,2016 Ole Tange, and Free
Copyright (C) 2012,2016,2017 Ole Tange, and Free
Software Foundation, Inc.
......@@ -220,7 +228,7 @@ $Global::progname = "tracefile";
get_options_from_array(\@ARGV) || die_usage();
if(not ($opt::exists or $opt::nonexists or $opt::all or $opt::dir)) {
if(not ($opt::exists or $opt::nonexists or $opt::all or $opt::dir or $opt::file)) {
$opt::all = 1;
......@@ -240,17 +248,16 @@ while(<IN>) {
my $file = shell_unquote($1);
# Relative to $dir
$file =~ s:^([^/]):$dir/$1:;
my $print = 0;
my $print = 1;
if(($opt::dir and not -d $file)
($opt::exists and -e $file)
($opt::file and not -f $file)
($opt::dir and -d $file)
($opt::exists and not -e $file)
($opt::nonexists and not -e $file)) {
$print = 1;
if($opt::unique and $seen{$file}++) {
($opt::nonexists and -e $file)
($opt::unique and $seen{$file}++)) {
$print = 0;
$print and print $file,"\n";
......@@ -262,6 +269,7 @@ sub options_hash {
("debug|D" => \$opt::debug,
"dir|d" => \$opt::dir,
"file|f" => \$opt::file,
"uniq|unique|u" => \$opt::unique,
"exists|exist|e" => \$opt::exists,
"nonexists|nonexist|non-exists|non-exist|n" => \$opt::nonexists,
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