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This diff is collapsed.
GNU_parallel_2018_with_mirrored_end.pdf: mirror.pdf GNU_Parallel_2018.pdf
pdftk GNU_Parallel_2018.pdf /tmp/mirror6.pdf cat output GNU_parallel_2018_with_mirrored_end.pdf
mirror.pdf: GNU_Parallel_2018_mirror_end.pdf
mirrorpdf GNU_Parallel_2018_mirror_end.pdf
mv GNU_Parallel_2018_mirror_end_mirror.pdf mirror.pdf
# Generate /tmp/mirror{1..20}.pdf
seq 20 | parallel pdftk mirror.pdf cat {}-1 output /tmp/mirror{}.pdf
rm GNU_parallel_2018_with_mirrored_end.pdf mirror.pdf
#pdftk GNU_Parallel_2018.pdf dump_data | perl -ne '/NumberOfPages:\s*(.*)/ and print "$1\n"'
This diff is collapsed.
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