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The **Okapi XLIFF Toolkit** is a library that implements a set of Java components to create, read and manipulate XLIFF 2 documents.

XLIFF 2 is being developed by the [OASIS XLIFF TC]( You can find more information [here](
The lastest published version of XLIFF 2 can be found at
There is an introduction to XLIFF 2.0 [in this Multilingual article](
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 * [ ![Download](](
The latest stable version of the XLIFF Toolkit is at
 * The latest release Maven artifact is here: [](
 * Get the latest snapshot (development version) here: [okapi-xliffLib_all-platforms_<version>.zip](
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 * The latest snapshot Maven artifacts are here: [](
 * On-line validation of XLIFF 2 documents:
 * You can now edit XLIFF 2 files in [OmegaT]( using the [Okapi Filter Plugin](
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 * Get a [set of valid and invalid XLIFF 2 documents]( to test if a XLIFF 2 user agent is reading documents properly.
 * Read the [Getting Started guide](
 * Read the [Java Documentation]( of the library.
 * See also the tentative / prototyping object model for XLIFF and JSON serialization for XLIFF being worked on here: