Commit a37c34d0 authored by jhargrave's avatar jhargrave

must rename dummy.txtx to dummy.dum for transtable filter...

as its normal extension is "txt"
parent 156801ee
......@@ -45,13 +45,13 @@ public class RoundTripTranstableIT
public void transtableFiles() throws FileNotFoundException, URISyntaxException {
// run top level files (without config)
for (File file : IntegrationtestUtils.getTestFiles("/transtable/dummy.txt", Arrays.asList(".txt"))) {
for (File file : IntegrationtestUtils.getTestFiles("/transtable/dummy.dum", Arrays.asList(".txt"))) {
runTest(false, file, "okf_transtable", null);
runTest(true, file, "okf_transtable", null);
// run each subdirectory where we assume there is a custom config)
for(File d : IntegrationtestUtils.getSubDirs((new File(IntegrationtestUtils.class.getResource("/transtable/dummy.txt").toURI())).getParent()))
for(File d : IntegrationtestUtils.getSubDirs((new File(IntegrationtestUtils.class.getResource("/transtable/dummy.dum").toURI())).getParent()))
for(File c : IntegrationtestUtils.getConfigFile(d.getPath()))
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