Commit 744b579e authored by Chase Tingley's avatar Chase Tingley

XLIFF filter now extracts size-related attributes

parent 0982b23e
......@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@
<header><tool tool-id="okapi" tool-name="okapi-tests" tool-version="M29" tool-company="okapi"></tool></header>
<group id="123">
<trans-unit id="1" resname="$key" restype="heading">
<trans-unit id="1" resname="$key" maxwidth="50" size-unit="pixel" restype="heading">
<source xml:lang="en">I am a headline</source>
<seg-source><mrk mid="0" mtype="seg">I am a headline</mrk></seg-source>
<target xml:lang="de"><mrk mid="0" mtype="seg">Ich bin eine Überschrift</mrk></target>
......@@ -29,7 +29,7 @@
<seg-source><mrk mid="0" mtype="seg">--empty--</mrk></seg-source>
<target xml:lang="de"><mrk mid="0" mtype="seg">--empty--</mrk></target>
<trans-unit id="6" resname="$key" restype="menuitem">
<trans-unit id="6" resname="$key" maxwidth="12" size-unit="pixel" restype="menuitem">
<source xml:lang="en">Menu entry</source>
<seg-source><mrk mid="0" mtype="seg">Menu entry</mrk></seg-source>
<target xml:lang="de"><mrk mid="0" mtype="seg">Menu entry</mrk></target>
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