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......@@ -23,3 +23,11 @@ Bilingual file's locales are auto-detected.
These conventions allow large numbers of files and configurations to be tested with standard code. Any files that are added to "integration-tests-common" will be automatically tested by other integration tests that assume the above conventions (for example integration-tests-tkit)
Test files that fail should be given a "_FAIL" suffix. This will mark them so they are not included in the tests and warn developers that these files have issues. Some integration tests are marked with "@Ignore(...)". This may not mean there is a problem, only that comparison of the different files found differences. In some cases the latest code may be correct. Please look at these tests carefully and if possible suggest a better way to compare the results.
Info on how to update the golden files (from Jim):
1. Build the integration tests in Eclipse (Right Clisk -> Maven -> Update Project). Be sure to select the option to force update of snaphots.
2. Run the tkit integration tests (net.sf.okapi.tkit.integration) to generate the updated XLIFF.
3. Navigate to "../okapi-integration-tests/target/test-classes/.." and select the new xliff files. Be sure to also copy over the ones in sub-directories.
4. Copy the xliff files to the corresponding directories under "../okapi-integration-tests/src/test/resources/XLIFF_M28_05_12_2015"
5. Do a refresh in eclipse and re-run the XLIFF compare you should see everything pass.
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