Commit 14b25d81 authored by Mihai Nita's avatar Mihai Nita

Workaround for FileLocation throwing if the path contains #

parent 4cf0aca7
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......@@ -50,7 +50,8 @@ public class RoundTripSimplifyXmlTkitsIT
public void xmlIssue591() throws FileNotFoundException, URISyntaxException {
for (File file : IntegrationtestUtils.getTestFiles("/xml/Issue#591/", Arrays.asList(".xml"))) {
// %23 for #, throws an exception otherwise. Should fix FileLocation...
for (File file : IntegrationtestUtils.getTestFiles("/xml/Issue%23591/", Arrays.asList(".xml"))) {
runTest(true, file, "okf_xml@ibxlf1", file.getParent());
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