Commit 599bc6c6 authored by Yves's avatar Yves

Fixed ITS locNoteType attribute value.

parent 2a4c6035
......@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@
<its:translateRule selector="//@title" translate="yes"/>
<its:termRule selector="//term" term="yes" termInfoPointer="id(@def)"/>
<its:termRule selector="//img/@keyword" term="yes"/>
<its:locNoteRule locNoteType="warning" selector="//@title" locNotePointer=".."/>
<its:locNoteRule locNoteType="alert" selector="//@title" locNotePointer=".."/>
<p title="Text">We may define <term def="TDPV">discoursal point of view</term>
as <gloss xml:id="TDPV">the relationship, expressed through discourse
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