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Improve documentation

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......@@ -142,7 +142,10 @@ using this code.
Variable `oer-reveal-reveals-version` allows to specify the version of
reveal.js (which introduced incompatible changes in version 4.0). It
takes precedence of `org-re-reveal-revealjs-version`.
takes precedence of `org-re-reveal-revealjs-version`. However, this
setting only affects some settings in generated HTML code; it does not
aim to install reveal.js for you. In contrast, the software bundle
[emacs-reveal]( contains reveal.js.
Variable `oer-reveal-plugins` lists reveal.js plugins to be
activated. To configure those plugins, customize
......@@ -178,7 +178,11 @@ in the Emacs manual) to set this variable permanently for each file."
"Version of reveal.js.
See `org-re-reveal-revealjs-version' for possible values.
If non-nil, this value takes precedence over
`org-re-reveal-revealjs-version' during export."
`org-re-reveal-revealjs-version' during export.
Note that you must set this variable to a correct value yourself.
This package does not attempt to install reveal.js. If you want that,
go for `emacs-reveal', see URL `'."
:group 'org-export-oer-reveal
:type '(choice (const nil) string)
:package-version '(oer-reveal . "3.0.0"))
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