Commit 40631f29 authored by Jos van den Oever's avatar Jos van den Oever

Add bash script to manage ODF specification repository.

parent 4889213e
#!/usr/bin/env bash
set -o errexit
set -o nounset
set -o pipefail
function error() {
echo "Error: $*" >&2
exit 1
function find_exe() {
local -r exepath=$(type -P "$1")
local var="$1"
[[ $# -eq 2 ]] && var="$2"
[[ -z $exepath ]] && error "Cannot find executable '$1' needed by $exe."
readonly $var=$exepath
readonly exe=${0##*/}
find_exe git
find_exe less
find_exe realpath
find_exe rm
find_exe svn
find_exe svnadmin
find_exe unzip
find_exe zip
# function definitions
function usage() {
echo -n "\
Usage: $exe checkout VERSION ISSUE
Check out the branch for the given VERSION and ISSUE number.
$exe create VERSION ISSUE
Create a new branch for the given VERSION and ISSUE number.
$exe delete VERSION ISSUE
Delete the branch for the given VERSION and ISSUE number.
$exe get-local-repo SVNDIR GITDIR
Mirror the specification svn repository into a local svn repository
in directory SVNDIR and check it out into the directory GITDIR.
$exe init [REPOSITORY [DIR]]
Initialize a local git checkout in DIR of the ODF specification
subversion repository REPOSITORY.
$exe list
List all the branches in the ODF specification subversion.
$exe log
Show the subversion log for the ODF specification.
$exe merge VERSION ISSUE
Merge the given ISSUE into the given VERSION of the ODF
$exe rebase VERSION ISSUE
Rebase the given ISSUE branch on the branch for the given VERSION of
the ODF specification.
" >&2
exit 1
# check out the repository, the repository uri is optional
function init() {
[[ $# -gt 2 ]] && usage
[[ $# -gt 1 ]] && svn_uri="$1"
local git_dir=
[[ $# -eq 2 ]] && git_dir="$2"
"$git" svn clone --stdlayout "$svn_uri" "$git_dir"
function list() {
[[ $# -gt 0 ]] && usage
"$git" branch -r
function getSvnUri() {
local -r msg="$exe must be run from an ODF specification checkout directory."
[[ -d .git ]] || error "$msg"
svn_uri=$("$git" config --get svn-remote.svn.url) || "$msg"
function parseVersionAndIssue() {
[[ $# -ne 2 ]] && usage
readonly version=$1
readonly issue=$2
[[ $issue =~ ^[0-9]+$ ]] || error "Issue '$issue' is not a number."
readonly branch="$version"_OFFICE-$issue
# create a new branch
function create() {
parseVersionAndIssue "$@"
branchExists && error "Branch $branch already exists."
"$svn" copy "$svn_uri/branches/$version" "$svn_uri/branches/$branch" -m "Create branch $branch"
"$git" svn fetch
"$git" checkout "origin/$branch"
function delete() {
parseVersionAndIssue "$@"
branchExists || error "Branch $branch does not exist."
"$svn" rm "$svn_uri/branches/$branch" -m "Removing branch $branch."
"$git" svn fetch
"$git" checkout "origin/$version"
function checkout() {
parseVersionAndIssue "$@"
branchExists "$branch" || error "Branch $branch does not exist."
# determine name of currently checked out branch
local -r git_output=$("$git" name-rev --name-only HEAD)
local -r name="${git_output##remotes/origin/}"
# if the requested branch is not checked out, do so
[[ $name == $branch ]] || "$git" checkout "origin/$branch"
function merge() {
parseVersionAndIssue "$@"
branchExists "$branch" || error "Branch $branch does not exist."
"$git" checkout "origin/$version"
"$git" merge --no-ff -m "Merge $branch with $version." "origin/$branch"
"$git" svn dcommit
function rebase() {
checkout "$@"
"$git" merge --no-ff -m "Rebase $branch on $version." "origin/$version"
"$git" svn dcommit
function log() {
"$svn" log -v "$svn_uri" | "$less"
function branchExists() {
# return 0 if the branch exists and non-zero if it does not exist
"$git" rev-parse --verify "origin/$branch" &> /dev/null
function packOdt() {
local -r dir=$1
local -r odt="$dir.odt"
[[ -e "$odt" ]] && "$rm" "$odt"
cd "$dir"
"$zip" -q -D -X -0 "../$odt" mimetype
"$zip" -q -D -X -9 -r "../$odt" . -x mimetype \*/.\* .\* \*.png \*.jpg \*.jpeg
"$zip" -q -D -X -0 -r "../$odt" . -i \*.png \*.jpg \*.jpeg
cd ..
function unpackOdt() {
local -r odt=$1
local -r dir=${odt%.odt}
"$rm" -rf "$dir"/*
"$unzip" -d "$dir" "$odt"
function pack() {
checkout "$@"
for f in */content.xml; do
packOdt "${f%/*}"
function unpack() {
[[ $# -eq 0 ]] || usage
for f in *.odt; do
unpackOdt "$f"
function get-local-repo() {
[[ $# -ne 2 ]] && usage
local -r svn_dir=$("$realpath" "$1")
local -r git_dir=$("$realpath" "$2")
"$git" svn clone "$svn_uri" "$git_dir"-tmp
"$svnadmin" create "$svndir"
"$svn" mkdir --parents "$svn_uri/trunk" "$svn_uri/branches" "$svn_uri/tags" -m 'Create branches.'
"$git" svn clone "$svn_uri" "$git_dir"
cd "$git_dir"
"$git" fetch "$git_dir"-tmp master:tmp
"$git" checkout tmp
"$git" rebase master
"$git" checkout master
"$git" merge --ff-only tmp
"$git" svn dcommit
cd ..
"$rm" -rf "$git_dir" "$git_dir"-tmp
init "$svn_uri" "$git_dir"
# parse arguments
if [[ $# -eq 0 ]]; then
readonly CMD=$1
case $CMD in
checkout|co) checkout "$@";;
create) create "$@";;
delete) delete "$@";;
get-local-repo) get-local-repo "$@";;
init) init "$@";;
list) list "$@";;
log) log "$@";;
merge) merge "$@";;
pack) pack "$@";;
rebase) rebase "$@";;
unpack) unpack "$@";;
*) usage;;
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