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    Removed manual x & y home positions. · e33fb236
    Steven Brown authored
    Mesh editing menu now only appears when mesh, ABL bilinear or ABL UBL are enabled.
    Nozzle to probe offset changed to accommodate new Hemera Hotend mount.
    - Usable bed size changed from 235 to 230 (safe values).
    - Additional the probing margin revised.
    Adds support for custom boot screen logo and status/info icon.
    Enabled Z Probe offset wizard.
    Adds 2 custom command menu entries:
    - Home and level bed.
    - Home and info.
    Compile environment changed from: LPC1768 to LPC1769 for the SKR 1.4 Turbo board: `BOARD_BTT_SKR_V1_4_TURBO`.
    Merges in changes from Marlin configuration additions.
    Configuration files moved from root to directories indicating the build target `hemera-btt-skr1.4/*`.
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