Commit 9b32e18a authored by Nicolas Tancogne-Dejean's avatar Nicolas Tancogne-Dejean Committed by Micael Oliveira

Remove unused variables.

parent cdf06fcc
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......@@ -698,8 +698,6 @@ subroutine FNAME(symm_1)(m, n, side, alpha, a, b, beta, c)
TYPE1, intent(in) :: alpha, beta, a(:, :), b(:, :)
TYPE1, intent(inout) :: c(:, :) !c(m, n)
integer :: lda
! no push_sub, called too frequently
!The size specified are for the matrix C
ASSERT(ubound(c, dim=1) >= m)
......@@ -729,8 +727,6 @@ subroutine FNAME(trmm_1)(m, n, uplo, transa, side, alpha, a, b)
TYPE1, intent(in) :: a(:, :) !< a(m, m), upper triangular matrix.
TYPE1, intent(inout) :: b(:, :) !< b(m, n).
integer :: lda
! no push_sub, called too frequently
ASSERT(ubound(b, dim=1) >= m)
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