Commit 91a33e5c authored by Nicolas Tancogne-Dejean's avatar Nicolas Tancogne-Dejean Committed by Micael Oliveira

Replace the call by a direct call to Blas, as this makes no sense otherwise.

parent fbd94767
......@@ -24,6 +24,7 @@
!! They are slow (too many data copies) and they are not maintained.
module states_elec_block_oct_m
use blas_oct_m
use batch_oct_m
use batch_ops_oct_m
use global_oct_m
......@@ -139,8 +139,9 @@ subroutine X(states_elec_blockt_mul)(mesh, st, psi1_start, psi2_start, &
call profiling_in(C_PROFILING_BLOCKT_MM, 'BLOCKT_MM')
!Due to the definition of the gemmt routine, the dim is set to 1 and the number of
!grid points to np*dim. Otherwise the code won't work for spinors
call lalg_gemmt(xpsi1_count(rank), 1, sendcnt, 1, mesh%np*st%d%dim, R_TOTYPE(mesh%vol_pp(1)), &
psi1_block, sendbuf, R_TOTYPE(M_ZERO), res_local)
call blas_gemm('C', 'N', xpsi1_count(rank), sendcnt, mesh%np*st%d%dim, &
R_TOTYPE(mesh%vol_pp(1)), psi1_block(1, 1, 1), mesh%np*st%d%dim, &
sendbuf(1, 1, 1), mesh%np*st%d%dim, R_TOTYPE(M_ZERO), res_local(1, 1), xpsi1_count(rank))
call profiling_out(C_PROFILING_BLOCKT_MM)
call profiling_in(C_PROFILING_BLOCKT_CP, 'BLOCKT_CP')
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