Commit 25d13f19 authored by Nicolas Tancogne-Dejean's avatar Nicolas Tancogne-Dejean Committed by Micael Oliveira

Changing an assert thatwas too restrictive.

parent 6913ae23
......@@ -680,7 +680,7 @@ subroutine FNAME(gemmt_2)(m1, m2, n1, n2, k, alpha, a, b, beta, c)
ASSERT(ubound(a, dim=3) == m1)
ASSERT(ubound(b, dim=1) >= k)
ASSERT(ubound(b, dim=2) == n2)
ASSERT(ubound(b, dim=3) == n1)
ASSERT(ubound(b, dim=3) >= n1)
ASSERT(ubound(c, dim=1) >= m1*m2)
ASSERT(ubound(c, dim=2) >= n1*n2)
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