Commit 1b333948 authored by Martin Lueders's avatar Martin Lueders

reintroduced mu scaling of dt

parent 71c83282
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......@@ -157,7 +157,7 @@ contains
end if
call messages_print_var_value(stdout, 'TDTimeStep', td%dt, unit = units_out%time)
if(parse_is_defined(sys%parser, 'TDMaxSteps') .and. parse_is_defined(sys%parser, 'TDPropagationTime')) then
call messages_write('You cannot set TDMaxSteps and TDPropagationTime at the same time')
call messages_fatal()
......@@ -255,6 +255,8 @@ contains
call messages_print_var_value(stdout, 'TDIonicTimeScale', td%mu)
td%dt = td%dt/td%mu
! now the photoelectron stuff
call pes_init(td%pesv, sys%parser, sys%gr%mesh, sys%gr%sb, sys%st, sys%outp%restart_write_interval, sys%hm, td%max_iter, td%dt)
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