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    Adds the BuildManager. · af4369d9
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    'builds list'     - Lists the builds and also lists directories within.
    'builds new'      - Builds an object
    'builds queue'    - Queues a job to build an object.
    'builds job-done' - Callback to store a queued build.
    'builds status'   - Views build information or file stat within.
    'builds view'     - Views the job log or file data within the build.
    'builds verify'   - Verifies the integrity of the given stored build.
    The BuildRecord keeps track of the information for each build and
    replaces the Note that did so before.
    StorageManager keeps track of Mime handling, because that makes the most
    sense. This lets the build manager make use of it since the build
    manager doesn't track resources. It could, though, list resources as
    files within builds (much like the object manager does when given a
    KeyManager/KeyWriteManager have a signBuild/verifyBuild pair of
    functions that help keep track of the integrity of builds. When a build
    finishes, the built files are hashed deterministically. That hash is
    then signed along with the task information. That way, there is a way of
    verifying both the task and the binaries that result from it. You can
    use that integrity to check that two builds are equal (it does not track
    atime/mtime or attributes) and also to track that binaries distributed
    from two federated nodes are the intended set of binaries, according to
    the object author. 'builds verify' will return 'true' or 'false' when
    assessing the integrity. Anyone can sign a build, so it may be important
    to only verify signatures from the object author, but any actor can be
    trusted in this regard moving forward.
    JobManager#finishBuild is finally destroyed justifiably.
    IngestManager and ManifestManager now make use of the BuildManager.
    scripts/importOldBuilds.py - Duplicates any existing builds Notes into the db.
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