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      Adds EnvironmentMap/Target resolution and the Daemon. · 6493c73f
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      The OCCAM Daemon allows commands to be executed via sending messages to
      a local socket. The web component will be a client that uses OCCAM
      through a connection to this daemon.
      This is much like how service-oriented software like Docker work and it
      makes much more sense to separate the concerns from the website (which
      is honestly more of a client than a server... in this topsy-turvy world
      we have made for ourselves)
      It means the library must now be threadsafe since the daemon will spawn
      a thread per connection, but the design so far had that in mind. The
      exceptions are Log, which is now configured per thread and has better
      support for capturing output which the daemon will send as a response
      back to the client, and, due to some weirdness, the SQLite3 driver. This
      is solved currently by setting the properties which are apparently
      per-thread with every session creation. Though, a better solution would
      involve being notified that the thread has been killed, and I just don't
      have that kind of callback system. Does the python threading library??
      Can you add a thread-based finalize??
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      Removes pytest requirement. · 911efdd3
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      Adds capability for Provider objects. · acd70dc7
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      OCCAM now builds VMs by solving the constraint problem of environments.
      Objects specify that they need a particular environment, which is some
      arbitrary term and an architecture. OCCAM then tries to find what
      objects provide that environment and architecture. And finally OCCAM
      needs to find such a path through such objects to get back to the native
      environment and architecture of the machine it is running on.
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      Refactor commands and add support for modification of objects in store. · ce1b6e92
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      * Objects can be modified (at a revision) when in the object store.
      * Objects can be cloned from the object store.
      * Objects can be linked to local pulls.
      * Commands are in their own source path (/lib/commands/x)
      * Changes to child objects are propagated through parents by assigning
        new revisions.
      * Testing for regressions
      * Better history management?
      * Wiring Up Automation (again)
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