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    Major revision to add associations, services skeleton, and bug fixes. · f586621c
    wilkie authored
    Fixes warnings for regexes in newer python versions in the command
    parsing in CommandManager.
    Fixes 'tag' parsing in search and links list commands.
    Fixes resource bug where it doesn't use the revision requested to look
    at the contents of the resource, and instead uses the most up-to-date
    revision (which may be very wrong).
    Fixes some of the database tables to generate their IDs (serial: True)
    Fixes 'json' types for Postgres and SQLite3 (although, postgres should
    use a JSON type for real, though, instead of serializing to a text blob)
    Adds (re-adds, actually) local builds.
    However, it is just as good in many of these cases to use a unique
    constraint instead of an auto-incrementing ID.
    Adds the 'jobs signal' command. This command sends a signal to a running
    Fixes the bibtex generation that was off-by-one on month selection. Only
    failed in December!
    Adds the ServiceManager and services component. It does not do much at
    the moment. The ServiceManager will manage different services that can
    be requested by different software. For instance, "x11", a window
    manager, and "vnc" are all services that may be provided by different
    pieces of software. They offer a protocol rather than an exact library.
    Adds the 'services list' command.
    Many things need to happen for the service infrastructure. There is the
    --service argument to run/manifest etc that will run the specified
    service that is provided by that object. Then, there needs to be service
    lookup when generating the VM to run an object that requires a
    particular service. That metadata needs to be defined and provided.
    Adds the AssociationManager.
    The AssociationManager manages associations among software and objects.
    With these, particular viewers or editors can be established by either
    the system administrator (as defaults) or any account as a viewer or
    editor for any type of object. You can set up your own viewer or one you
    particularly like to view JSON, for instance. Or to edit JSON. etc.
    Adds the 'associations new' command.
    Adds the 'associations delete' command.
    Adds the 'associations list' command.
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