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**NOTE:** a friend just stumbled over this and gave me some very good feedback (Thank you Stefan :)). I hadn't looked at this from the perspective of people potentially trying to use this in "the real world", as this is marked as a teaching project. Looking at it through these glasses, his remarks made a lot of sense and I also see a lot of things that are objectively horrible from that perspective. So here's a friendly warning:
If I ever get around to update/improve this - here is a note to myself about what to do:
* safety first: the default are horrible - this should be `--dry-run` first, so basically having to pass a flag ``--wet-run`` to actually make any changes to the file system
* there is a good possibility here to add in config in the vein of combining a simple config with ideas from [automagic configuration](
* also very good opportunity to talk about refactoring and API-design with this as basis.
# Meet the commodorificator (TM)
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