Commit 3171c8e6 authored by Tim Schumacher's avatar Tim Schumacher

Jelly: Rename contentDescription to contentDisposition in WebViewExt

Change-Id: Ia9178cd0c8b147301a48e6ba5b8f7609f92cf7a3
parent 0de4159c
......@@ -122,8 +122,8 @@ public class WebViewExt extends WebView {
setDownloadListener((url, userAgent, contentDescription, mimeType, contentLength) ->
mActivity.downloadFileAsk(url, contentDescription, mimeType));
setDownloadListener((url, userAgent, contentDisposition, mimeType, contentLength) ->
mActivity.downloadFileAsk(url, contentDisposition, mimeType));
// Mobile: Remove "wv" from the WebView's user agent. Some websites don't work
// properly if the browser reports itself as a simple WebView.
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