Commit e5b3a2d7 authored by o9000's avatar o9000

Release 0.14.2

parent b973cafc
2017-04-22 master
2017-04-23 0.14.2
- Fixes:
- Make versioning more robust when building as package
- Enhancements:
......@@ -208,6 +208,8 @@ cmake ..
make -j4
<p>To install, run (as root):</p><pre class="highlight plaintext"><code>make install
update-icon-caches /usr/local/share/icons/hicolor
update-mime-database /usr/local/share/mime
<p>And then you can run the panel <code>tint2</code> and the configuration program <code>tint2conf</code>.</p><p>Please report any problems to <a href=""></a>. Your feedback is much appreciated.</p><p>P.S. GitLab is now the official location of the tint2 project, migrated from Google Code, which is shutting down. In case you are wondering why not GitHub, BitBucket etc., we chose GitLab because it is open source, it is mature and works well, looks cool and has a very nice team.</p><h1 id="what-is-tint2">What is tint2?<a name="what-is-tint2" href="#what-is-tint2" class="md2man-permalink" title="permalink"></a></h1><p>tint2 is a simple panel/taskbar made for modern X window managers. It was specifically made for Openbox but it should also work with other window managers (GNOME, KDE, XFCE etc.). It is based on ttm <a href=""></a>.</p><h1 id="features">Features<a name="features" href="#features" class="md2man-permalink" title="permalink"></a></h1>
.TH TINT2 1 "2017\-03\-26" 0.14.1
.TH TINT2 1 "2017\-04\-23" 0.14.2
tint2 \- lightweight panel/taskbar
# TINT2 1 "2017-03-26" 0.14.1
# TINT2 1 "2017-04-23" 0.14.2
tint2 - lightweight panel/taskbar
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