Commit df429e8c authored by Sebastiaan Lokhorst's avatar Sebastiaan Lokhorst

Clean up .desktop file: remove unnecessary localization, fix English...

Clean up .desktop file: remove unnecessary localization, fix English translation, use consistent captitalization of "tint2" (with a lowercase "t").
parent d3c45adf
[Desktop Entry]
Name=Tint2 panel
Name[am]=ፓነል tint2
Name=tint2 panel
Name[am]=ፓነል tint2
Name[ar]=الشريط tint2
Name[ast]=Panel tint2
Name[be]=Панэль tint2
......@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@ Name[da]=Panel tint2
Name[de]=Leiste tint2
Name[dz]=པེ་ནཱལ། tint2
Name[el]=Ταμπλό tint2
Name[en_GB]=Panel tint2
Name[en]=tint2 panel
Name[eo]=Panelo tint2
Name[es]=Panel tint2
Name[et]=Ääreriba tint2
......@@ -36,7 +36,6 @@ Name[nn]=Panel tint2
Name[pa]=ਪੈਨਲ tint2
Name[pl]=Panel tint2
Name[pt]=Painel tint2
Name[pt_BR]=Painel tint2
Name[ro]=Panou tint2
Name[ru]=Панель tint2
Name[si]=පුවරුව tint2
......@@ -48,12 +47,10 @@ Name[tr]=Panel tint2
Name[ug]=panel tint2
Name[uk]=Панель tint2
Name[ur]=پینل tint2
Name[ur_PK]=پینل tint2
Name[vi]=Panel tint2
Name[zh_CN]=面板 tint2
Name[zh_TW]=面板 tint2
Name[zh]=面板 tint2
Comment=Lightweight panel
Comment[fr_FR]=Panel léger
Comment[fr]=Panel léger
Comment[pl]=Lekki panel
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