Commit 21e93035 authored by Chris Lee's avatar Chris Lee

Fix regression caused by imlib leak (related: issue #704)

parent 94d4a219
......@@ -788,11 +788,15 @@ void draw_text(PangoLayout *layout, cairo_t *c, int posx, int posy, Color *color
Imlib_Image load_image(const char *path, int cached)
Imlib_Image image;
static unsigned long counter = 0;
if (debug_icons)
fprintf(stderr, "tint2: loading icon %s\n", path);
#ifdef HAVE_RSVG
image = imlib_load_image(path);
if (!image && g_str_has_suffix(path, ".svg")) {
char tmp_filename[128];
snprintf(tmp_filename, sizeof(tmp_filename), "/tmp/tint2-%d.png", (int)getpid());
snprintf(tmp_filename, sizeof(tmp_filename), "/tmp/tint2-%d-%lu.png", (int)getpid(), counter);
int fd = open(tmp_filename, O_CREAT | O_EXCL, 0600);
if (fd >= 0) {
// We fork here because librsvg allocates memory like crazy
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