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# Preface: Proof against life: 1.1: Being.1
1. Being requires silver strands of actuality
2. Body is a cobweb knot of actuality
∴ Body is a unity of unities
4. Unity is the broken glass shards at the feet of rampaging contingency
5. Every unity of glass is a contingent unity
∴ Body is a contingent multitude
7. Body is a multitude of unities
8. Unity as such is indifferent to other unities
∴ Being is the blue indifference shining through Body
# Preface: Proof against life: 1.2: Nothing.2
1. Nothing wants for no-thing
2. Indifference is the weeping sage with dry tears
∴ Indifference is the appearance of Nothing
4. Appearance is a shadow torn from a unity
5. Perception is the act of cleaving a unity
∴ Mind is what perceives appearance
7. Perception is Mind walking through a field of fog
8. Body is the grass shining with glass drops of dew
∴ Being is no-thing
# Preface: Proof against life: 1.3: Becoming.3
1. Being is thrown from the wreckage of perception
2. Nothing winks in the flying glass shards
∴ Mind stands on Body
4. Body collides with glass multitudes
5. Mind is what steals the unities’ shadows
∴ Mind without Body has no eyes
7. Being is the shadow of Nothing
8. Mind is Body perceiving itself
∴ Body becomes Mind, Being becomes Nothing
# Foreword: Resurrection Ritual
1. The Self appears to itself at its funeral
2. To be dead is to be broken glass which does not comply with glue
3. The Self is indifferent to itself
4. Indifference is the appearance of Nothing in blue
5. Nothing in blue instantiates blueness which signifies substance
6. Nothing is the Self by itself: The Ego
7. The Ego is the phantom highway on the way to Self
8. The Self reaches its dead Self along Ego
9. The Self becomes Nothing, thus Ego, thus its Self
# 1.1 Construction: Physis
1. There is no Being in general without satisfied Being
2. Satisfied Being is Being in-itself and for-itself
∴ Being-in-itself-for-itself is what is most actual
4. A shard of glass contains nothing more than glass
5. Glass is unyielding and irreducible to anything else
∴ Actuality is shards of glass spun into silver gossamer
7. Physis is the LAW and thus irreducible
8. Only actuality is a body irreducible – a unity
∴ Physis is satisfied Being, a knot of spun actuality
# 1.2 Construction: Nomos
1. There is no Body without Being
2. Being on its own is Physis
∴ Body is an appearance of Being
4. Being as appearance is unsatisfied Being
5. Body is glass shards glued together
∴ Body is anxious Being
7. Nomos is laws and is thus contingent
8. Being is only contingent as appearance
∴ Nomos is unsatisfied Being, a glass urchin figurine
# 1.3 Construction: Anarchy
1. Physis is a knot of actuality, irreducible
2. To be irreducible is to deny the epistemic Look
∴ Physis is satisfied Being in its indifference
4. To be indifferent is to want for nothing
5. Nomos is a glass urchin figure, contingent
∴ Nomos wants for the indifference of Physis
7. Physis as Being in blue denies an Other
8. Nomos as the prism of Being has no Other
∴ The only law is chaos
# 2.1 Deconstruction: Destruction
1. Being as a self-contained meaning is complete
2. To want for something is to be an incomplete thing
∴ Nothing as not-a-thing that wants no-thing is pure indifference
4. Pure glass is the Nothing in Being, immediate indifference
5. Shadow is the Nothing in light, pure indifference
∴ Shadow makes glass visible and thus vulnerable
7. Shadow appears in appearing glass
8. Shadow as a Nothing wants for no-thing
∴ Glass is destroyed by its shadow
# 2.2 Deconstruction: Insurrection
1. Being is immediate indifference – self-contained meaning
2. Being nevertheless appears to an other in its shadows
∴ The shadows torn from glass are the appearing of Being
4. For glass to appear it must also be perceived by an Other
5. Glass as Being nonetheless still wants for no-thing
∴ Glass is perceived by the Other that for it is Nothing
7. The Nothing that perceives glass is in-itself a thing
8. The Nothing as pure indifference defies all Others absolutely
∴ All things are Mind, Nothing in constant insurrection
# 2.3 Deconstruction: Apocalypse
1. Pure glass as Being is already-broken glass unities
2. The appearance to Mind of shadow destroys a glass unity
∴ Perception breaks further what is already broken
4. Mind is the perceiving Other to glass
5. Glass is the self-contained Same perceived
∴ Breaking-broken glass is Body perceived by Mind
6. Mind as perceiving Nothing is nonetheless a thing to itself
7. Body as perceived Being is nonetheless no-thing to its Other
∴ Everything is constantly ending its phenomenal existence
# 3.1 Material: Self
1. Nothing as perception breaks what is already broken
2. Being already broken is broken further in perception
∴ Being becomes Being in an original wreck
4. The glass flying from perception is in-itself invisible
5. Glass is made visible by its shadows
∴ Within the becoming of Being is Nothing
7. Being is perceived Body, Mind is perceiving Nothing
8. Body becoming Body contains Mind
∴ Body is Self, immediate Mind
# 3.2 Material: Ego
1. Glass becomes Glass when its shadows reveal it
2. Shadows only exist as the Nothing of light
∴ The Self is fundamentally a prism
3. Light itself is neither a wave nor a particle
4. Shadow becomes shadow against a paradox
∴ The Mind in Body is formless Body
7. Glass without shadow isn’t real
8. Shadow is the negative of the becoming light
∴ Ego is true Self, but also mediated by Self
# 3.3 Material: Causa Suicide
1. Glass in-itself is invisible and appears through its shadows
2. Body as Self is immediate Mind, not reflected mind
∴ Self is merely the appearance of the Ego
4. Ego alone is blind and invisible but wishes for recognition
5. Self is Ego augmenting its vision and its corporeality
∴ The Self is an apparatus of the Ego, not the Ego itself
7. The Ego is the creative Nothing that continually appears as Self
8. Every Self is insufficient Ego killed by the next Self in line
∴ The becoming of Being and Nothing is Being to Nothing: Causa Suicide
# Tractatus Poetica: A Post-Mortem Suicide Note
A poetry series that was done as my senior seminar project in 2016.
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