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Everything is simply organized by the source (e.g. The site that it was published on) and written in markdown. There should only be the master branch unless I decide to host some collaborative pieces on here.
- box.neocities is my now-deleted neocities site, which has the notes for my 2016 talk at the East Bay Anarchist Bookfair, "Hello From the Wired: An Introduction to Cyber-Nihilism"
- [nyxus]( is my personal blog
- [ensorcel]( is a blog of various anarchists with interests in occultism and transhumanism
- [vastabrupt]( is a blog of various unconditional accelerationists
### Terms
Per the GPL license, you are free to modify and redistribute anything here, but you must attribute me (i.e. Don't clone my stuff or change a few words and claim it as your own original work).
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