Commit 659a7f6f authored by Naoki OKAMURA's avatar Naoki OKAMURA

improved: use lightlocker

parent 33c76d29
......@@ -11,14 +11,14 @@ let
])++ (with pkgs; [
polybarFull dunst rofi
bspwm sxhkd
bspwm sxhkd lightlocker
utility = (with pkgs; [
pavucontrol networkmanagerapplet
lxappearance-gtk3 arandr
light hsetroot wmctrl xdotool graphicsmagick xtitle
glib-networking udisks2 glib
udisks2 glib
]) ++ (with pkgs.xorg; [
xsetroot xwininfo xdpyinfo xrdb
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