Commit 78074de1 authored by Botond Botyanszki's avatar Botond Botyanszki

Add log-generator config files

parent 830f4b92
Moduledir ../src/modules
NoCache TRUE
CacheDir tmp
#LogLevel debug
Logfile tmp/selflog
Pidfile tmp/
<Input in>
Module im_perl
PerlCode tmp/
<Output out>
Module om_file
File 'tmp/output'
<Route 1>
Path in => out
<Input loggen>
Module im_exec
Command /path/to/log-generator/
Arg -delay=1000000
Arg -datadir=/path/to/log-generator/data
Exec parse_json(); $raw_event = $rawEvent; delete($rawEvent);
InputType LineBased
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