Commit bcb0c027 authored by Minh-Quang Nguyen's avatar Minh-Quang Nguyen

Merge branch 'nrw/litecell15-feature-configurable-bs-ag-blks-res-issue-819'...

Merge branch 'nrw/litecell15-feature-configurable-bs-ag-blks-res-issue-819' into 'nrw/litecell15-next'

LC15: Fix configurable BS-AG-BLKS-RES instructed by BSC

See merge request !101
parents b57a8387 5e556f0e
......@@ -433,10 +433,17 @@ static int ph_data_req(struct gsm_bts_trx *trx, struct msgb *msg,
/* The sapi depends on DSP configuration, not
* on the actual SYSTEM INFORMATION 3. */
u8BlockNbr = L1SAP_FN2CCCHBLOCK(u32Fn);
if (u8BlockNbr >= 1)
if (u8BlockNbr >= num_agch(trx, "PH-DATA-REQ"))
sapi = GsmL1_Sapi_Pch;
sapi = GsmL1_Sapi_Agch;
LOGP(DL1C, LOGL_DEBUG, "PH-DATA.req on %s Fn=%d, Tn=%d, BlockNr=%d, SAPI=%d\n",
u8BlockNbr >= num_agch(trx, "PH-DATA-REQ") ? "PCH" : "AGCH",
} else {
LOGP(DL1C, LOGL_NOTICE, "unknown prim %d op %d "
"chan_nr %d link_id %d\n", l1sap->oph.primitive,
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