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    • Minh-Quang Nguyen's avatar
      Merge branch 'master' of git@ServGitLab01:nrw_noa/osmo-bts.git into... · 897af797
      Minh-Quang Nguyen authored
      Merge branch 'master' of git@ServGitLab01:nrw_noa/osmo-bts.git into nrw/next-merge-upstream-13032018
      Change-Id: I6a777b65146d86bb42dd3fcfb3422187b9da34b2
    • Minh-Quang Nguyen's avatar
      Merge branch... · 6448b18b
      Minh-Quang Nguyen authored
      Merge branch 'nrw/do-not-decode-si13-because-it-has-already-forwarded-to-pcu-issue1767' into 'nrw/next'
      Nrw/do not decode si13 because it has already forwarded to pcu issue1767
      See merge request nrw_noa/osmo-bts!150
    • Neels Hofmeyr's avatar
      configure: add --enable-werror · 5b8889ce
      Neels Hofmeyr authored
      Provide a sane means of adding the -Werror compiler flag.
      Currently, some of our jenkins.sh add -Werror by passing 'CFLAGS="-Werror"',
      but that actually *overwrites* all the other CFLAGS we might want to have set.
      Maintain these exceptions from -Werror:
      a) deprecation (allow upstream to mark deprecation without breaking builds);
      b) "#warning" pragmas (allow to remind ourselves of errors without breaking
      As a last configure step before generating the output files, print the complete
      CFLAGS and CPPFLAGS by means of AC_MSG_RESULT.
      Change-Id: I5b37602a117350159183fb53ac330294b94f4195
  14. 11 Mar, 2018 2 commits
    • Harald Welte's avatar
      sysinfo: Fix scheduling of downlink SACCH information · 7d648b46
      Harald Welte authored
      The existing algorithm (present since 2012!) failed to work
      in the sole case that only *one* SACCH filling type was present.
      So if you had your BTS configured to only broadcast SI5, but not
      broadcast SI5ter, SI6 or any other SACCH filling, it would send
      the SI5 message only once on a newly-established channel, and never
      The old code was working for more-than-one SACCH filling, as well
      as for no SACCH filling at all.
      Let's also add a NOTICE message if there is no SACCH filling available
      at all.  This is highly unusual and definitely a noticeable event.
      Change-Id: Ica801f9b9c118f00d9e3dc2780b3123e925f59b4
      Closes: OS#3057
      Related: OS#2963
    • Harald Welte's avatar
      cosmetic: Document some SI scheduling related function API · f72bdfaa
      Harald Welte authored
      Change-Id: I7e61639349deda28846810c4f52dbea78dccda38
  15. 10 Mar, 2018 2 commits
    • Neels Hofmeyr's avatar
      implement support for 3-digit MNC with leading zeros · 02d1fe87
      Neels Hofmeyr authored
      Record the mnc_3_digits flag from SI and pass on via the PCU interface.
      Instead of changing to e.g. osmo_plmn_id, add the flag separately, and instead
      of bool use a uint8_t, to not raise any struct packing issues and clarify the
      flag's size beyond any doubt.
      Bump the PCU interface version to 9.
      This is one part of the three identical pcuif_proto.h patches:
      - I49cd762c3c9d7ee6a82451bdf3ffa2a060767947 (osmo-bts)
      - I787fed84a7b613158a5618dd5cffafe4e4927234 (osmo-pcu)
      - I78f30aef7aa224b2e9db54c3a844d8f520b3aee0 (osmo-bsc)
      Depends: Id2240f7f518494c9df6c8bda52c0d5092f90f221 (libosmocore)
      Change-Id: I49cd762c3c9d7ee6a82451bdf3ffa2a060767947
    • Harald Welte's avatar
      sysmobts: Compatibility with older firmware versions · 29cd7a84
      Harald Welte authored
      When using a firmware version < 3.6, the call to l1if_mute_rf()
      returned an error, which caused an OML CHG ADM STATE NACK.
      Let's check if the l1if_mute_rf() call is an un-mute for all
      timeslots (which apparently we do always at start-up).  If it is, then
      acknowledge it even if muting is not supported by earlier firmwares.
      I suppose the change causing this problem was introduced in:
      	commit b26b8fc7
      	Author: Holger Hans Peter Freyther <zecke@selfish.org>
      	Date:   Tue Mar 4 15:03:59 2014 +0100
          	sysmobts: Do a RF mute at initialization when the RC is locked
      With the current change applied, we can run the BTS with earlier
      firmware versions than 3.6.0 again.  Tested with 3.1 and 2.4
      Change-Id: I1a29c1031d96e65a0111bc812a90f2dbaf2a5aa3
  16. 09 Mar, 2018 3 commits
  17. 08 Mar, 2018 1 commit
    • Neels Hofmeyr's avatar
      fix handover: handle_ph_ra_ind(): evaluate ra_ind before msgb_trim() · c2045474
      Neels Hofmeyr authored
      Commit c2b4c668
      I3b989580cb38082e3fd8fc50a11fedda13991092 introduces evaluation of ra_ind
      members below the msgb_trim() call that actually invalidates ra_ind.
      A symptom is that it breaks detection of Handover RACH, wich always ends up
      with lchan == NULL and interpreting all RACH as chan_nr == 0x88.
      Fix: do all evaluation of ra_ind before the msgb_trim(), for osmo-bts-sysmo,
      litecell-15 and octphy.
      To guard against similar mistakes in the future, set ra_ind = NULL before the
      msgb_trim() call.
      Related: OS#3045
      Change-Id: I203021ee57f49cb963679ba8bec5943e2abb67fb
  18. 06 Mar, 2018 1 commit