Unverified Commit 23eebf89 authored by nownabe's avatar nownabe

Add a script to run tpcc-mysql

parent efe45974
set -eu
warehouses="50 100 500 1000"
connections="20 40 60 80 100"
mkdir -p ${HOME}/log/tpcc
cd ${HOME}/tpcc-mysql
for num_wh in $warehouses; do
mysql -u${MYSQL_USER} -p${MYSQL_PASS} -h${MYSQL_HOST} -e "DROP DATABASE IF EXISTS ${database}"
mysql -u${MYSQL_USER} -p${MYSQL_PASS} -h${MYSQL_HOST} -e "CREATE DATABASE ${database}"
mysql -u${MYSQL_USER} -p${MYSQL_PASS} -h${MYSQL_HOST} ${database} < create_table.sql
mysql -u${MYSQL_USER} -p${MYSQL_PASS} -h${MYSQL_HOST} ${database} < add_fkey_idx.sql
./tpcc_load -u ${MYSQL_USER} -p ${MYSQL_PASS} -h ${MYSQL_HOST} -d ${database} -w ${num_wh}
for num_conn in $connections; do
./tpcc_start \
-u ${MYSQL_USER} \
-p ${MYSQL_PASS} \
-h ${MYSQL_HOST} \
-d ${database} \
-w ${num_wh} \
-c ${num_conn} -r 300 -l 600 \
| tee ${HOME}/log/tpcc/wh${num_wh}_conn${num_conn}.log
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