A print-and-play edition of the famous and long out-of-print Dark Cults card game, by Kenneth Rahman.

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Dark Cults: oCCult Edition

Dark Cults is a game from the early 80s by Kenneth Rahman, published by Dark House. It is out-of-print and mostly forgotten.

It is a story-telling game; a little like an RPG without the game master.

In Dark Cults, one player takes on the role as DEATH and the other player takes on the role of LIFE. They compete by spinning a tale, as dictated by the cards they play, in an attempt to either kill or save (respectively) the main character of their story.

So What's the oCCult Edition?

Dark Cults is a fun and creative game, but being old and out-of-print, it is basically impossible to obtain. Sure, some people have scanned the cards and posted them online, but they are low-resolution and pretty heavy on ink. So this is a print-and-play edition of the game with:

  • re-designed cards based on the content of the original 1983 deck, but with an Edward Gorey vintage feel (using Creative Commons vintage artwork)

  • a few new cards for variety

  • some minor changes to one or two original cards due to artwork availability

  • the Object add-on deck from 1985

  • a re-formatted rulebook combining and integrating the original 1983 rulebook with text from the 1985 add-on rulebook, plus the single-player and multi-player modes

  • quickstart guide

  • a new oCCult Edition rule variant and some character build sheets from openD6, to incorporates RPG elements into the storytelling


The rules and text of the cards are copyrighted by Kenneth Rahman. I considered making a "clone" originally, but after some attempt at contacting Kenneth, and some thought about ethics, I decided it would be more respectful to admit that this is Dark Cults with mods rather than claim it's The Shadoow oCCult (or something like that) with oddly similar rules.

All of the assets are licensed CC-0 (the art is from openclipart.org, a CC-0 art site), except my humble RPG-ish Variant, which is dual licensed CC-BY-SA or Open Game License (OGL), whichever you prefer.