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......@@ -3,6 +3,11 @@ layout: default
<div class="home">
<div class="artists-during-corona-announce">
as the world is turned upside-down, creators everywhere are responding in extraordinary ways. mutual aid is rapidly organizing; performances are moving online; institutions are on the verge of collapse; social media looms larger than ever before. we're organizing a submission-based mini-blogging project with the hope it can serve as a living, contemporaneous account of some small part of how art changed in 2020. click here to visit, read, and submit to the project.
<a href=""><span class="div-link"></span></a>
<ul class="post-list">
{% for post in site.posts %}
......@@ -336,3 +336,25 @@ body {
background: $text-color;
color: $background-color;
.artists-during-corona-announce {
position: relative;
margin: ($spacing-unit * 2) ($spacing-unit / 2);
padding: $spacing-unit / 2;
//background-color: $grey-color-light;
border: dashed 2px $brand-color;
color: $brand-color;
&:hover {
color: $brand-color-variation;
.div-link {
left: 0;
z-index: 1;
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