Commit 8152e891 authored by Gabriel Silva's avatar Gabriel Silva

Merge branch 'fix-upload-image-css' into 'master'

Fixes img size when just one image is uploaded

Closes #338

See merge request noosfero/noosfero!1711
parents 285390b6 860057ea
Pipeline #79297442 passed with stages
in 59 minutes and 16 seconds
......@@ -47,7 +47,9 @@ module ActionTrackerHelper
tag(:hr) +
ta.collect_group_with_index(:thumbnail_path) do |t,i|
if total == 1
link_to image_tag(t), ta.get_view_url[i], class: 'upimg'
link_to ' '.html_safe, ta.get_view_url[i],
style: "background-image:url(#{t})",
class: "upimg"
pos = total-i;
morethen2 = pos>2 ? 'morethen2' : ''
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