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Doc: Add a section on Merbocop/Tezbocop

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......@@ -193,3 +193,28 @@ Right after the change to the protocol, the code might not compile,
because the baker is not fixed yet.
After the baker commit, the test might not pass because of a change in
The Merge-Request Bot
Every 6 hours, an automated process running as the
`Tezbocop <>`_ 🤖 user, inspects recent MRs and posts
or edits one comment on them; giving an inspection report on the contents of the
Some warnings/comments are for you to potentially improve your MR, other
comments just help us in the assignment & review process.
The first time Tezbocop posts a message you should receive a notification; for
the subsequent edits there won't be notifications; feel free to check Tezbocop's
comment any time.
If you think some of the remarks/warnings do not apply to your MR feel free to
add a comment to justify it.
The code for the bot is at
`smondet/merbocop <>`_. It is of course
work-in-progress and new warnings and comments will appear little by little.
We welcome specific issues or contributions there too.
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