Verified Commit d65c58c2 authored by Grégoire Henry's avatar Grégoire Henry Committed by Marco Stronati
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Alpha/Michelson/Migration: double hard_gas_limit_per_{operation,block}

This patch is part of the migration code from `alpha_003` to `athens_004`.

It performs the migration of the constants in mainnet to update them
to the new (doubled) default values.
parent 3a39d70a
......@@ -45,6 +45,12 @@ let prepare_first_block ctxt ~typecheck ~level ~timestamp ~fitness =
Vote_storage.freeze_listings ctxt >>=? fun ctxt ->
return ctxt
| Alpha_previous ->
(* Update hard gas limits to the new defaults. *)
Raw_context.patch_constants ctxt begin fun constants ->
{ constants with
hard_gas_limit_per_operation = Constants_repr.default.hard_gas_limit_per_operation ;
hard_gas_limit_per_block = Constants_repr.default.hard_gas_limit_per_block }
end >>= fun ctxt ->
return ctxt
let prepare ctxt ~level ~timestamp ~fitness =
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