Verified Commit 7b4fe1b9 authored by Dan's avatar Dan Committed by Marco Stronati
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Alpha/RPCs: rename field labels in Michelson typechecker output

This is a change in field names in the Michelson typechecking RPC output.
A simple solution for third party tools to handle the change is to
recognise both field names during the protocol update period.
parent 50cf26f0
......@@ -37,8 +37,8 @@ let type_map_enc =
(fun (loc, bef, aft) -> (loc, (bef, aft)))
(req "location" Script.location_encoding)
(req "stackBefore" stack_enc)
(req "stackAfter" stack_enc)))
(req "stack_before" stack_enc)
(req "stack_after" stack_enc)))
let stack_ty_enc =
let open Data_encoding in
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