Verified Commit 50cf26f0 authored by Dan's avatar Dan Committed by Marco Stronati
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Alpha/RPCs: change `managerPubkey` to underscores in json field names

This renames a field in the JSON format of origination operations to
make it consistent with the others.

Third party software must be updated to support this change.
For applications that just consume this format, it is enough to just recognise
both field names during the protocol change period. For applications that send
this format to the node, it is necessary to send the right one depending on the
`next_protocol` field of the interrogated block.
parent 5b410693
......@@ -253,7 +253,7 @@ module Encoding = struct
name = "origination" ;
encoding =
(req "managerPubkey" Signature.Public_key_hash.encoding)
(req "manager_pubkey" Signature.Public_key_hash.encoding)
(req "balance" Tez_repr.encoding)
(dft "spendable" bool true)
(dft "delegatable" bool true)
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