Commit ef72a59e authored by Noemie Kerroux's avatar Noemie Kerroux

Add multiple_words/post_metas/search_on options

parent 8f84ca6f
......@@ -60,6 +60,9 @@ wp_global_search($query, $page, $args)
* **forbidden_templates** [array of string] : *Page to block from the research*
* **search_if_empty** [bool] : *Will return default posts with these arguments if the query is empty, otherwise the results will be empty.*
* **taxonomies** [array of array of strings] : *List of filtered taxonomies slugs (default: [] / Exemple : ['category' => ['wordpress','search']])*
* **multiple_words** [bool] : *Filter by multiple words (break at space) (default: true)*
* **post_metas** [array of strings] : *Array of post_metas to filter on*
* **search_on** [array of array of strings] : *Array of post attributs to filter on*
Contact [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) for further informations.
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