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......@@ -11,10 +11,9 @@ only the standard library.
## Features
- [x] Search for videos using keywords
- [x] Stream videos
- [x] Stream music
- [x] Stream videos and music from YouTube
- [x] Play direct links from YouTube and PeerTube
- [x] Stream video from magnet links
- [x] Stream video and music from magnet links
- [x] Download music
- [x] Download video
- [ ] Configuration options
......@@ -34,27 +33,41 @@ unzip artifacts.zip
For other platforms, create a release artifact using the following command:
For other platforms, you can install from source by running the following command:
nim c -d:ssl -d:release nimcoon.nim
nimble install
Copy the binary to a directory on your PATH such as `/usr/local/bin`
## Usage
nimcoon emacs
nimcoon "emacs"
# If your search query has multiple words, use quotes
nimcoon 'nim lang'
nimcoon "nim lang"
# Advanced: Play audio of the first search result
# Play audio of the first search result
nimcoon -m -l "counting stars"
# Download audio of the first search result
nimcoon -mld "counting stars"
# Play direct video link
nimcoon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QOEMv0S8AcA
# Add -d to download or -m to select only audio or both
nimcoon -md https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hT_nvWreIhg
### Commandline arguments
After the search results are displayed, you can enter a number to play one
result, "all" to play all the results or "q" to quit the program.
If a number is entered, after the selected search result is played, the results
are redisplayed, so that you can play the other results without having to search
### Command line arguments
| **Arguments** | **Explanation** |
......@@ -63,10 +76,13 @@ nimcoon -m -l "counting stars"
| -f, --full-screen | Play video in full screen |
| -d, --download | Download video or music |
Feel free to use these options in any combination. NimCoon will show a helpful
error message if you pick incompatible options.
## Development
One-liner for compiling and running
nim c -d:ssl -r nimcoon.nim 'nim lang'
nim c -d:ssl -r src/nimcoon.nim 'nim lang'
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