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Update release notes

See merge request QEF/q-e!108
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New in development version:
New in 6.3 version:
* New implementation, using a more robust algorithm for the Wigner-Size construction in EPW.
(Samuel Ponce and Carla Verdi)
* New application for optical spectra computation using optimized basis sets
(Paolo Umari, Nicola Marzari and Giovanni Prandini).
* Improved interface between TDDFPT and Environ using plugins( Oliviero Andreussi)
* Improved FFT threading (Ye Luo, Argonne)
......@@ -76,7 +82,7 @@ Problems fixed in development version:
* PWscf in "manypw" mode wasn't working due to a bad IF (Dec.12, 2017)
Incompatible changes in development version:
Incompatible changes in 6.3 version:
* EPW: Removal of q-point paralelization (not very used and generated large code
duplication) ==> removal of the parallel_k and parallel_q input variables.
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