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......@@ -590,14 +590,14 @@ look at a tex document, it's a draft.
And you can make marginal comments with no line. See the package
documentation for more info (such as how to change the color, etc).
\gmpar{draft mode prints a black box to mark lines that latex could not
break satisfactorily. You have to reword them or do something else
to handle them. Usually best to ignore until the very final stages
of editing.}
Here are some references to look at: \cite{ATC,sage,JN2010Complex,GO2012Infinite,Eve1991Cohomology,Eve1961Cohomology,EKMM1997Rings,Ada1974Stable}
When you need new additions to your bibtex database, the best way to
get them is from \url{} or
\url{}. Both give detailed citation
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