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note about enumi and cref

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......@@ -168,6 +168,21 @@ appropriate. For example, the environments below are
There are all kinds of ways to customize the list formatting; the
package documentation is the best reference.
You can also refer to enumerated items, like \cref{it:b} of
\cref{prop:foo} or \cref{it:a2} of \cref{lem:foo}. Note, if you
change the enumeration style, be sure to use
instead of
as the latter will only change
enumeration in the list itself, but not the way references to those
numbers are printed.
I generally prefix my labels with the environment type, to help keep
them straight in my mind, but this is unnecessary.
......@@ -210,11 +225,22 @@ And this shows that the statement is correct.
a proposition
a proposition, with an enumerated list
\item \label{it:a} first item
\item \label{it:b} second item
a lemma
a lemma, also with a list, but having a different numbering
\item \label{it:a2} first item
\item \label{it:b2} second item
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