Commit b99b6bb0 authored by Sean McGivern's avatar Sean McGivern

Merge branch '60029-fix-broken-master' into 'master'

Fix an order-dependent spec failure in spec/migrations/schedule_sync_issuables_state_id_spec.rb

Closes #60029

See merge request gitlab-org/gitlab-ce!26997
parents c8c6b810 7af20f8e
require 'spec_helper'
require Rails.root.join('db', 'post_migrate', '20181121111200_schedule_runners_token_encryption')
describe ScheduleRunnersTokenEncryption, :migration do
describe ScheduleRunnersTokenEncryption, :migration, :sidekiq do
let(:settings) { table(:application_settings) }
let(:namespaces) { table(:namespaces) }
let(:projects) { table(:projects) }
......@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
require 'spec_helper'
require Rails.root.join('db', 'post_migrate', '20190214112022_schedule_sync_issuables_state_id.rb')
describe ScheduleSyncIssuablesStateId, :migration do
describe ScheduleSyncIssuablesStateId, :migration, :sidekiq do
let(:namespaces) { table(:namespaces) }
let(:projects) { table(:projects) }
let(:merge_requests) { table(:merge_requests) }
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